GTX 760 2gb with 36 amps on 12 volt rail

I want to upgrade my gpu but I only have 36 amps on my 12 volt rail .Is it enough or do i need more ? 

Is it a single +12 volt rail?

and more info would be just great.

Ohm's Law: GTX760 consumes max 110 W of electrical energy: 110 W / 12V = 9.2 A max.

36 A on 12V rail is 432 W, means you probably have a 460 W PSU. More than enough...

+1 ☺ should be enough, if it is a decent one.

Lets say a GTX760 uses arround 200W on full load, i think it won´t be even close to that, but still lets say 200W then it uses 200 / 12 = 16.6A

its a gigbyte  GE-P450N-c2

Well its not the best quality with  dual 12V rails of 18A each. but it should be capable to handle it.