GTX 750ti on a 350w PSU?

To preface, My wife is using this ancient PC that's running an intel E7200, 3x1gb ddr2 memory and an old GeForce GT8600. The heatsinks on the gpu's memory are falling off (3 are off) and every time a game is run that's somewhat demanding it gets a ton of artifacts, so I think it's time to upgrade. As much as I would love to get a whole PC at once, that is quite a lot of money right now.

Anyways, the PC has this PSU.

Would it be enough to run a GTX 750ti?

If yes, then would there be a huge difference in performance between this and this? I will be running games at 1600x1050, so it should be able to run stuff fine, I would assume. It won't be used to run any super demanding games like Metro or Crysis, mostly MMOs (TERA Online, Diablo 3) and simple stuff, like Sims 3 (doubt any card struggles with Sims nowadays).

The card can run demanding games,go for it,the evga one with two coolers is the best right now,but sadly it's noisy as hell,get the gigabyte one. The psu can handle it,the 750ti is really power efficient

If you don't have any 6 pin power adapters, the EVGA is the way to go.

I do have a 6 pin power adapter, but would that use more power than one without? Would the 350w PSU be enough?

Would this Gigabyte card with 2 GB of memory be worth the extra $40 over this EVGA with one fan and 1GB of memory?

As far as I know, all the 750 Ti's, regardless of requiring a 6-pin cable or not, are limited by the Nvidia power limit. So it will never use more than 75W (or around that value, you can draw a bit more than 75W from the PCI-E slot, depending on the quality of your motherboard).

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So, the EVGA SuperClocked is better than the Windforce from what I saw:

And yes, the card will draw more watts with the 6 pin connector, not really much more, but on this card, it's really not needed.

As for the power supply, the CPU draws 65 watts, and the card will draw about 65 at max, plus add about 30 for motherboard, and 10 for each hdd and 5 for each fan. This'll put you at about 180 watts in a minimum scenario.

Thanks for the input everyone! Last question before I order it - would I notice any bottlenecks due to it having only 1 GB of memory?

Edit: I just noticed that the 1gb card is a GTX 750 and 2gb card is a GTX 750Ti, according to the EVGA site it seems that Ti has more cuda cores, but that's it.

Edit2: I think I'll go with the GTX 750 Ti, non-superclocked version. Thanks everyone for the help! 

If you want to still read up on memory, but you seem pretty decided. Thread on this site:

I know the memory doesn't directly increase the performance, but it might make it slightly more future proof? Probably not a factor on a card of this level, but I ordered the Ti version, because I'm hoping that since it has more cuda cores and isn't already OC'd, I might be able to push a bit more out of it in the future if I need it, whereas the non-Ti version might have less headroom.

I don't know, I could be very wrong about all this, but thanks for the link, I like to educate myself on all this stuff, I just find that due to finances, by the time I get to use my knowledge, it's old and irrelevant, haha. 

Yeah, the ti is definitely the way to go. I hope you like it! As for future proof, it's just below the power of the xbox one, and we're still making games for the 360, so you've got lots of head room for a couple years.