Gtx 750 ti or r7 260x

I am looking to buy a video card for my upcoming build. The 750 TI and R7 260X both present a good bang for your buck option. The 260X comes with the Never Settle Silver which gives you 2 free games. The 750 TI don't offer any bundle but have the performance edge. Which one should I go for? And please no fanboy.

All depends, do you think them games are worth your hard earned cash? In crysis 3 your looking on average 4FPS drop, the 260x to me would be better value, because of games and price/performance, you could also attempt to get the 4fps via OC, also you do not know if 750ti is using boost.

Me personally I would get the 260x just for the games, and price/performance is a tad better, Avoid Sapphire for Never settle, there shit.

I would go maybe MSI or XFX

How about Power color, they can be obtain for less than other 260X cards.

Never settle is an amd thing not sapphire, sapphire is  a good brand xfx older stuff is crap but there newer coolers are good, msi is also good, I have no experience with powercolour though.

Why is sapphire bad for never settle ?

You get a code sent to you by email , directly to the never settle site , you don't even go through sapphire ...

At least here in the EU , with the 270x and 290 , dual x and tri x , bought from an online retailer .

A friend of mine purchases a 270x 2GB from sapphire, and when trying to redeem his code, they never gave him it, following contact with sapphire, they never even bothered to email him back, he has also seen forums online with the same issue.

their products are not bad, its just that situation that leaves a bitter taste for me.

I'm pretty sure the codes come from the retailer not sapphire.

I was wondering about that as well. From what i read, retailers gives out the code, not the manufacturer and it's not included inside the box. I was thinking of buying an R9 290 just for the Never Settle Gold but I live in Hong Kong so i'm not use if the promotion is even valid here. So yea

Right now PowerColor has an R9 270 on sale for $108. At newegg. I'd buy that. Way faster than both of those. 

The review of half of the Powercolor said that it's not working after a while.

Power Color has been exclusively making AMD/ATI cards long as I can remember. I had a Power Color HD5770  years back and now I have the PowerColor 270X DEVIL that is maxing out nearly all my games at 1440p. So for me Power Color has been an acceptable experience. 

I would go with the EVGA 750ti. Uses less power and is pretty much same stock performance as the 260x depending on what game your playing. Now on the other hand the 750ti overclocks better than the 260x and it will then outperform it at all levels. But as mentioned above if you can find a 265 or 270 for cheap go that  route its much faster, even if its a Power Color. 

well depending on market area, In UK its £20 difference, I wouldn't pay £20 for frames and no games, although this does not mean the 750ti is a bad card.

Agree, I live in the US and it's $40 difference or 25.52 British Pound Sterling with mail in rebate.

Same prices as most 750 Tis. I'd say go with the power color still. But this has even better reviews and is a much better card than the 750 Ti. 

You check Newegg ?

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