Gtx 690 sli

Will gtx690 in SLI be optimized for gaming in the future? I have heard that right now, you play some games better with a single 690 card. Are there going to be drivers realeased as such as the case was with the 680´s, that now are very popular in SLI.

I dont know if you exactly understand. But a 690 is two 680's on a single card. SO sli 690's is actually quad gtx680's, which will 100% give you no benefit in gaming, too much horsepower.

Thanks. That makes sense. In the future, will it usefull you think to have the 690 in sli or as you said quad sli (680)?

Buy two 680 now, or one 690 to add on in the future?

if your going to get 2 680's, you might as well just get the 690, or the 7990 if you can find it.... amd>nvidia for gaming. their latest divers give you 10-20 fps better than nvidia

I disagree. Virtual V-sync is a pain the ass to get to work with AMD cards. Tons of errors.

While adaptive V-sync is an amazing feature you'll for sure need with such a high end card pulling well over 60FPS in most if not all games today.

My spidy sense is tingling, and I'm sensing a fanboy reply.  

ummmm..... how many of the more experienced members here reccomend AMD cards? quite a few.....

stop trolling, your only making yourself look like an ass...



I Prefer Nvidia Over AMD, But then again I do alot of things that AMD cards cannot do.

only thing nvidia has that AMD doesn't is CUDA..... i suppose if your using something wit cuda, then nvidia os for you

and 690 is overkill for any sort of gaming......and if your not gaming, at that price, you should have gotten a quadro



Yea, I've Got a GTX 560 that i overclocked, Upgrading to SLI GTX 660 TI 3GB's because they are nice and cheap

The only thing that really pushes me to Nvidia in gaming is the PhysX

The "experienced" users here suggest whatever is best for the person's price range.  Seeing as you hop on every "what should I buy?" post and say the 7950 or 7970 is "WAY better than Nvidia" just proves that you're the troll and you're the one making yourself look like an ass.

Also, it's funny that you say the latest AMD drivers give them an additional 20 fps over Nvidia.  Their latest drivers improve performance on SOME cards by up to 20 fps.  It has nothing to do with Nvidia cards.  Nvidia releases driver updates on a monthly basis that can boost performance by up to 80% in some games.  Depending on the game, that could be well over 20 fps.

And before you say it, no I'm not an Nvidia fanboy.  I get whatever is the best deal at the time.  At the point that I built my PC, the 560 Ti was the best so I got it.  This week my buddy wants me to build him a budget PC, so I'm grabbing a 6770 for him.  Out of all the builds I've done, it's probably split 50/50.  You on the other hand, well it sounds like you'd go with AMD even if their cards were composed of Uranium and dog shit.

Quadro is for 3D rendering and often has problems getting driver support for gaming. Even though its the best Workstation Card it is by far not the best gaming card. It also has different Support for different games, Phsyx is a big part also if you are interested in 3D gaming at all, the only choice is Nvidia. 

If you plan on OCing, go with two Gtx680's, if you dont a 690 will pull less wattage is a simpler set up etc. DO NOT buy a 7990 Devil 13. That card is a good graphics card, and is even priced well but does not have AMD driver support because to them it doesnt really exist. It has powercolor driver support which will end the moment they move forward.

AMD did have a boost in FPS with latest drivers, but does not beat Nvidia by 10-20 fps. It simply improved its own fps by a few frames (roughly 10%)

None of you have benchmarked all the GPU's in the debate here, I'm going to say all those card will run any game out easily and that's all that really matters lol. quit fighting


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