GTX 690 poor Borderlands 2 Performance

Of course this is relative to the card I'm using, but I've been getting some really crap performance on Borderlands 2. I'm running on the optimized settings that the GeForce experience program setup (High everything and unlimited FPS, Vsync on). Sometimes during big firefights, my framerate will drop below 20, averages around 55FPS.

Now I know I sound a bit spoiled rotten complaining about this, but after looking at benchmarks online I think I'm not getting the best possible performance.


If I'm not an idiot and I'm understanding this correctly, I should be getting about double the performance I'm currently getting. Suggestions anyone?

UPDATE: So I took a peek at my GPU speeds whilst the game was running; turns out that both of the cores are stuck at 705 MHz. So now I know the problem, but now I need a solution.


need more information like what resolution you are running and what your other hardware consists of altho 20 fps in borderlands with a 690 seems a bit od i would probably remove and reinstal all drivers to start with and then post some more info about your problem :)

Graphics card: Nvidia GTX 690 (referece model)

8GB RAM @ 2133MHz

i7 3820 OC'd @ 4.4GHz

1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD's (2 in Raid 0)


120GB Intel SSD

Samsung SyncMaster BX2250 @ 1920x1080


Also, I just recently installed Windows 8. Not sure if it's an OS issue; never noticed it in Windows 7, but then again I didn't really pay much attention to performance with it :P

One more thing: I did manage to setup a working overclock at 1200 MHz; oddly enough, still no performance boost :S

Maybe it got damaged in shipping or it just came out faulty. You could always use the warranty and get a new one.

The thing is, I think it's a driver/game problem rather than anything being physically broken. I get over 100FPS on Crysis 2 on ultra.