GTX 690/Crysis 3 Open Beta

Sorry if I seem like a numbnut asking this question.


Downloaded the Crysis 3 beta the other day along with the early release of NVIDIA's 313.96 drivers. From what I can tell, My GPU's refuse to work in SLI. Whenever I run the game, I can never get above 28FPS. Core B seems to be working its ass off at 1045MHz running at about 67 degrees while lazy fucker core A just sits there at about 30 degrees, not doin jack.


I fiddled around with the multi GPU settings on the Video card control panel for a bit and got my Multi-GPU settings the way i thought they would work


  • Multi-GPU configuration: Maximize 3D performance
  • PhysX settings: Auto-Select (I've tried both GPU cores and the CPU as well)
  • The graphic it gives me says my monitor is connected to the DVI port on Core B, and physX is running on Core A.


These are the settings I've used for all my games.


I know these are early drivers and it's a new game. Just seems a bit odd considering I can usually get about 90 or 100 FPS on Crysis 2 when SLI is working fine.


Other than waiting for updated drivers, any suggestions or similar experiences?

By all accounts, Crysis 3's beta is shit for optimization on the highest settings. Also heard it has a lot of mouse acceleration issues.

There is definetly somekind of input lag that I am noticing.  Even with the new drivers I was having some weird scaling on my two GTX 680's.  I had to do a little tweak with Nvidia Inspector.  Open it and find the Crysis 3 profile, then add the Crysis 3 Beta .exe to that profile and then select reset to defaults.  That gave me perfect (I think) scaling and performance went through the roof.

EDIT: One thing I haven't figured out with it is that I can't get it to cap at 60fps. even with Vsync on and PrecisionX set to 60fps Target it still goes past 60 and often caps to 120fps.  I would like it to just cap at 60 so that my cards don't have to work so hard and can throttle back a bit.

I downloaded the NVIDIA Inspector ( Just one thing: I have no Idea how to find game profiles with the software (like the Crysis 3 one). I see all of my card stats; overclocking, etc. I just don't know how to find the frofiles like you said :S


Oh! Press the button with the screwdriver and wrench next to the driver version box.  Then at the top of the new window, where it says profiles, find and select Crysis 3.  Then on the top of the toolbar near the middle there is a blue trimmed box with a green + sign. click that and locate the Crysis 3 Beta .exe and add that to the profile.  then press the button that looks like an Nvidia insignia and go Apply Changes on the far right.

my friend maxed out crysis 3 beta with a i3 2120 and a 560SE...

I highly, highly doubt that. Considering I have two people that I game with who run 3770Ks and 670s and can't max it out, I'm going to call that bluff. You can max out the settings on different resolutions with drastically different results as well.

WOW, that really did the trick. I'm getting around 50-60 FPS.


Oddly enough, I seem to be holding my 60FPS cap just fine  O_o not that I'm getting beyond 60FPS too often anyways. Thanks for your help dude. :D

With my 3770k and dual GTX 680's it is near constantly at 120fps, so your GTX 690 should be getting better than 50-60.


EDIT: I'm getting it topping out and locking at 60 now on FRAPS but Gamebooster still gives me a 120. strange....

is this the first beta or did they release a new beta, because when it first came out I saw with my own eyes him setting it the the highest settings on 1080p, it ran about 45 FPS, he did however have 2133 ram but that shouldn't make that much of a difference


I have no reason to lie to you and I'm a senior member, I'm just telling you what I know and what I know is he was getting a consistant framerate of 45FPS no matter how high or low the resolution or settings were

Guys when ruinning vsync and fullscreen (for me atleast) it displays double what ever the REAL fps is So all you people getting 120 at max... Nope 60 Also with the newest drivers from nvidia SLI is now supported or at least optimized, happy gaming.