GTX 680 Or Wait?

My first post here at teksyndicate first off, glad to be here. I have had my build planned out for a while with a gtx 680 4gb, and I will have all the money to buy at the end of this month or beginning of next month. Been hearing a few rumors about the 700 series card. My question is should I wait for the 780 to come out and get it, or just get the 680 once the 780 has come out at a lower price, and wait for the 800 series cards? I have a pretty good understanding of PC hardware but I know people know a whole lot more than I do. Just trying to get the best bang for my buck. 

i got a 680 classified not long ago, when they release the 700 series im sure the 780 will come out a while after like they did with the 680 coming out after the others

You can expect the 780 to be priced similiarly to the 680's currently. But I think that some of those prices might go down a bit with the release of the new cards. They are rumored to be revealed by the end of this month, and should hit the market within the next 2 months. The cards will be a refresh of the kepler architecture that the current generation of cards have, and you can expect a slight boost to performance. 

I personally think you should just go with a 680. And then once the new architecture (Maxwell, slated for 2014) is out, get that. As for bang for buck, you can spend about $100 less and get a 7970Ghz edition because that card does beat the 680 in some games. But it does consume more power. 

I have a GTX 680 and I can vouch for how powerful the card is, and thanks to the DirectCU II cooling system from asus, it overclocks like a monster too.

EDIT: Just saw this in another thread, worth checking out.

The GTX780 is to be released at the end of may. (just in time for Computex). It is built on GK110 chipset (Same as GTX Titan) but will only have 3GB of memory. It is claimed to be aimed at "1080p120 gaming" where the Titan is more towards 4K or Surround gaming. 

Price wise i bet it is going to be more priced like the Titan rather than the 680. Either that or we will see a price drop in the Titan during the summer. 


There's a 3GB and a 5GB variant of the GTX780. The GTX770 is rumoured to have the same specification as the 680, but with slightly better efficiency, which ought to me a marginal performance boost. So, the 770 could be a 680 at a lower cost, if the specifications are to be believed.
[br]Honestly, whatevery you decide to do, it will be in your interest to wait until the end of May. See what developments occur and then choose the best card on a price to performance analysis when all the benchmarks are available. Finally, in my opinion, you wouldn't need a 4gb variant of the 680; unless you were doing a multi-monitor setup?

Yes I forgot to add that, my build does include 3 asus monitors for a surround setup which is why I went with the extra video memory. I think Im going to take your advice and till the end of may to see whats out at what prices. Im hoping the 680 drops in price so I'll be able to pick it up, then just wait for the 800 series cards. 

If there is a drop in price, the 6xx cards are still a very good buy.

7970 all the way. For surround gaming, Eyefinity is much better than Nvidia surround. 7970s are much better p/p, and are much better for BTC mining (AMD is the only option for that.) If you have the money, go for 7979 or 7950 CF instead. I love my 680 4GB, but I regret not getting 7950 CF every single day.

I have considered those, the problem is my monitors don't have display ports and I'm not gonna lie I don't know much about AMD cards. I guess I'm just sticking to what I know.