GTX 680 or GTX 670

im building a new pc and i need some help choosing the gpu. i know the 680 will out perfrom the 670 but by how much, and is it worth spending the extra money to get the 680?

7970 boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Unless you really really are set on nvidia.

PhysX does make a difference, and the 7970 also consumes a whole lot more power.

Oh, and as far as 670 vs. 680 I'd have to say that it depends greatly on 3 things...

1.) Is your monitor going to have more than 1920 X 1080 pixel density?

2.) Are you going to be using 3-D at all?

3.) Are you looking to max out games like Far Cry 3 or Witcher 2 at 60FPS?

If your answer to these questions is yes, than go with a 680. If you can dial back the graphics a tad and don't care about 3-D, than go with the 670.

typically AMD is a better bang for your buck, and the 7970 trades blows with the 680, but falls (price wise) in between the two.

If you were to spend 20% more on a card you should get about 20% more fps, this is true for say like mid level cards, 7770-7950, and 650-660ti but once you start to get the uber end cards, 25% more $$ only give 15% more fps, this is the case with the 7950-7970, and the 670-680

Is this worth it to you? i know if i had the money, in your situation i would go balls out and get the 680, because I personally want the most performance period.

Well NJM, if OP needs to buy a new PSU in order to accommodate the higher power demand of the 7970 than I don't think he will be saving much.

actual, physical, pixel density doesn't affect fps. it may however change your judgement on filtering like logan has said.

Well Forex, you seem biased, let me do some math here.

a 7970 uses about 320W, and a 680 uses 265W look it up (take it with a grain of salt)

this is a 65W difference.

Let me use LOGAN'S STFU FORMULA as seen here:

Price per KWH = $0.128 (average)

let's say you game for about 4 hours a day (that's a lot of gaming)

65W * 4hrs = 0.260KW/H * $0.128 = $.03328 per day more

.03328/day = $0.9984/month (30 days) = $11.9808/yr = $35.9424/3 years

So if you game 4 hours a day every single day for 3 years the 7970 will cost you about $36 more in bills.

BUT WAIT! the 680 usually costs a bit more, and the average goes up if you want the 4GB version. So it looks like it evens out

 EDIT: oops! i said 65W difference, when it was 55W, oh well you can now assume that the gap is even lower, about 16% lower

A GTX 670 is the type of card that calls to you everyday and says in a sobing voice, "I could have been a 680, now look at me - I'm gimped!". "They took one of my poly morph engines and 192 cuda cores!"

"What do you want from me?!"

"You wanna over clock me?!"

"Why?" "So I can be like a 680?!"


It's hard to live in the shadow of a GTX 680...

and as for more money on a PSU, he can use the money he saved on the 680, to up the PSU which should cost <$30 to accomidate 65 more watts

If he's set on nvidia, get nvidia.

AMD = more bang for buck at this price point. But some people like you obviously, have preferences.

That made me laugh. So hard. That is absolutely great.

7970 ghz edition. Same price as GTX 670 (kind of) and better than GTX 680. Free games also.