GTX 680 Lightning Vs Radeon HD 7970 Lightning

As the title says, I just need to hear more debates between the two before i bite the bullet on one.

they are both quite similarly priced ($10-$30 difference) from what i found

It really depends at the time the AMD card smokes the nVidia card but im shure nVidia will release drivers and then smoke the AMD card I would persionally get the 680 as I use the adobe suites and that takes advantage of CUDA so yeahhhhhhh its really up to you aswell you can overclock the 7970 hella fast


nope, nvidia is locking up the OC..... get the 7970..... unless u use da cuda


Unless you have a use for CUDA go AMD.

i got the 7970 easy got 1250 on core and 1600 on memory at 1.275v and no change to memory voltage temps never above 60 degrees under kombuster/fur mark

Which 7970 is this? Sounds awesome.

680, cuz its faster....

Get the 680 Lightning, just use an older OC tool and you still have the functionality.

unless your going to use CUDA go for the 7970

go for the 7970 unless you use cuda and remember that you can bitmine at night while you are not using it and get some reimbursement for the money you spent. :-)  I personally like the sapphire 7970 which overclocks to almost the same as the ghz edition of the same card and cost 110$ cheaper.

The only difference between the 7970 and 7970 GHz edition is a bios flash and better sensors. I have two none GHz edition HIS 7970s doing 1150/1650 on my system right now.

Unless you buy the Ghz edition its not guaranteed that the card will work at those clocks, but no argument here that none Ghz GPU's are almost the same.

7970 im posting some screenshots today i can get some benches up to if i have them il do it. btw never thought of it but my memory is also clocked to 1700 now >.>