Gtx 680 help (Solved)

EDIT: I have solved the problem, i put it in the wrong pci-e slot


I got a new gaming rig for about 1 year ago.

recently i have been looking at benchmarks, and game preformance for my graphics card, and i am scoring a lot lower then i should.


gtx 680 refrence asus, intel 2550k cpu, asrock z77 pro 3 motherboard, cosair vengence 1600 ram.

my graphics score is 8900p when it should be around 10000p. In a lot of games eg borderlands, i get avg. 50 fps, where other get 80-100.

if anyone knows whats going on, or can help please respond

Thanks Gondermann

Your cpu is bottlenecking so i would upgrade that .

-Cheers Liam

The 2550k is most definitely NOT bottlenecking a single 680. It may be a driver issue; are the nVidia drivers up to date? I had a similar problem with my EVGA GTX 680 4GB when I installed it.

My drivers have always been up to date, so it's not that. right now im running a beta driver from nvidia, but i have had the problem before i installed it


Which slots are your memory modules installed in? A2 and B2?

And what power supply are you running?

I found out what my problem was at a LAN today. We tried doing some dedicated physx, and we looked at it and said, i know whats wrong. I put the card in the lower pci-e slot... Thanks for the help all of you :)