GTX 670 Vs GTX 680 which one to get?

Hello, I have recently been looking at buying a graphics card for my first Gaming PC build so I am new to the PC industry. I  can't decide whether to get a GTX 670 or a GTX 680 and i don't know which brand or version to go with e.g. MSI GTX 680 etc... my budget currently is $1500 for my gaming PC. But besides all that would i just be better going SLI with two GTX 660ti's.

Thanks, it would be well appreciate for you help.

Heres a option :

Great option for the money and will perform better than a 680 in most cases also you get to say you have a ballin sli setup 

Hope it helped!

Holy mother of jesus that is a nice deal. That will outperform a single 680 by a longshot. I wish I had the money right now, it's..... it's just beautiful

Lol, why is that such a good deal? GTX 660 TI's are all around $300 anyway.

You would get better performance with two GTX 660 TI's over a single 670 or 680. Another option is to go with a Radeon HD 7970, since it's around the same price as a GTX 670 and will perform better than a GTX 680 when overclocked. Two GTX 660 TI's in SLI would still give you the best overall performance though.

I always prefer one card to two. Its more stable and works across more games with no problems. SLI still does not work seemlessly with all or most games. And besides, a single GPU now is easier to upgrade to two GPUs later on when the first GPU is become outdated.

should get a 7950 or 7970 instead, its cheaper and will outperform the 680

It really comes down to what you want to pay.680s have come down in price so they're averaging around 450-500. If you want a 670 dont buy the 670, get the 7950boost it's way more bang for less/similar buck. The dual 660ti will be faster than a 680 but id say only 15-20% as fast, and you are playing the extre 100-150 for it. IMO if you have the 600 for the 660tis just buy a 680 and be done with i, if you want models get an asus directcu cooled card, an msi lighting or msi twinfrozr card.


Personally unless you're using the nvidia gpus for CUDA they are over priced, a similar AMD card will run you a  lot less and meet your needs while giving you more spending money for your rig (Lights, a dual rad, an ssd)

Well that's strange. The price has changed, when I checked it was 500 with $20 rebate. Making it $480 which is what I thought was a good deal

Mind you these are 3gb 660ti's not 2gb bringing the price up by alot

also to get the same sorts of ram for maybe surround gaming on a 680 or other card your going to spend upwards of $700 


To answer the question, just get a MSI, EVGA or ASUS GTX 670 and be done with it. New gen GPUs will be out soon so you can always sell this card and get those.

For now you should be happy with a GTX 670.

Thanks everyone for your help i have decided to go with the AMD 7950 boost.