GTX 670 running at 8x pci 3

so ive posted this on linus's site no one can seem to help me i have a 3770k a sabertooth z77 and gtx670 and as the title states its only running at 8x its in the top slot i have checked the bios reseated the card put the card underload and nothing seems to work please someone help me.

I can't offer any advice that might fix that, I'm sure the Sabertooth is supposed to run at 16x if a single slot is populated. But a 8x lane is enough for a GPU. It will still play all of your games perfectly. Is there a real issue with performance or no?

well after like a couple of hours of playing the game gets really laggy i dont know if that is anything to do with it and i would like to sell the motherboard and cpu so i want to make sure nothing is wrong with the motherboard before i sell it.

Plenty of other things can make it lag. I'll have to let someone else diagnose it, sorry. But, it doesn't sound like a terrible fault. Could be drivers needing updates or something.

have you done a bios update? also have you spoken witht he support team at asus??? both good points to start with

yes bios is up to date and everytime i try to talk to asus there website is so slo and just disconnects

best bet is to ensure that the drivers are up to date and your BIOS is the newest version. if you're using GPU-Z there is a lane populator you can run that will tell you what speed the bus is running at when its in a power use state. By default when the bus isnt populated it will speed itself down even as low as x1 and then kick into gear when the CPU wants more throughput.

there is a field in graphics card tab labelled 'Bus Interface' that will tell you how many PCIe lanes are populated. if it says something like "PCI-E 3.0 x16 @ x8 1.1" hit the little question mark next to the field and run the test, the field should change to indicated the bus configuration is in a power use state.

what you're looking for is "PCI-E 3.0 x16 @ x16 3.0" 

If it doesnt say that then you definitely have an issue you can troubleshoot. But like Berserker said.. x8 wont hinder your performance in any meaningful way.

I have same problem, but I have motherboard from MSI "Z77A-GD65",  MSI "N670GTX-PM2D2GD5/OC" graphic card and i5 3570K processor.

It seams that nvidia (or intel) is holding a break on PCI-e lanes on Z77 chipset because it is too fast (jeah stupid but) for OS

This combination of motherboard and graphic card is rare due to hight price, so it is hard to tell the truth and the root of the problem.

But my Pc is running smoothly and the number of FPS is more then enough, so I do not complain (much).

Although open to suggestion.

your seeming lag after gaming for a few hours may not be the bus  issue

check your nic settings , try forcing gigabit duplex , max out your send and recieve buffer . if your nic is good like an intel use the offloading features. and check your firewall make sure it passes your games' networking for your private network. windows defaulted to public on mine . go figure

no i mean it lags like the sims 3 (offline games) get all jagey and slow.

have you tried another pcie slot? Maybe it will work then, and the motherboard has a bad pcie slot.

point of interest is pcie 3.0  8x has the same bandwidth as pcie 2.0 16x

slot two on z77 motherboards are pcie-8 slot 3 is 4x

Doesn't matter. His GPU has problems. It is either his GPU, or the pcie slot (mainboard), I guess most likely.

Have you installed your latest GPU drivers?

I had also an issue with my gpu. It came broken (GDDR 5 RAM wasn't working properly). I sended it back, and got the money refund. If nothing works, it will probably be your GPU...

It can be other things to. Maybe because you've not updated your windows completely. If you can't get the updates, or you haven't updated your windows fully, it may not work. After all that I think it's sending back time.

i have got it working at 16x finally i took the dust covers out of the sabertooth and reseated the card for the 3rd time and it now is running at 16x thankyou guys heaps for your help u guys were way more helpfull then the linustechtips forum and ill rememeber this (no hate on linus it is what it is).

How were the dust covers interfereing? Gratulation.

i dont know if they were or not but i took them out anyway and they go in the pcie slot so maybe it had something to do with it

hm.... well either the GPU was not fully fitted because of the dust cover, or you didn't fit it fully? I really don't know, I would just try again with the dust cover to see if you still get these problems in games, and the 8x mode, after that you know. Let's just be glad that you have no defective hardware.