GTX 670, Not Using It's Potential!?

Hey guys I just started OCing and I downloaded EVGA Precision X, and this is really weird, I never knew this but my 670 is performing so slowly because it is running at 400 MHZ! I was playing BF3 this whole time wondering why I kept getting like 40 FPS at Ultra 1080p while other 670 users usually get about 60 FPS, now the only problem is, how do I make my GPU utilize it's speed, it has a stock clock of 924 MHZ and I OCed it to allow up to 1200 MHZ, but it is just not using it's potential to run BF3 and other games, I have no idea why, please help


Can you post the specs of your entire rig, including power supply. There could be any number of reasons why your GPU is downclocking.

Okay Specs:

AMD FX 6200

10GB DDR3 1600

600 WATT 80PLUS Bronze Corsair CX600

1.5 TB 7200RPM

GTX 670 Asus Direct CU Mini


Do you have the same Problem with other games? Try installing/reinstalling the newest driver. Run gpuz, cpuz and coretemp while running bf3 or a benchmark and look for a possible reason.

Yeah I re installed the drivers

@Rolling Potatoe The specs are above you

Well, there are the specs guys?


Well, you have to test out possible reasons yourself, there are are naturally several, without some monitoring software screenies we can just guess. The most popular reasons would be:

Something is running too hot

The gpu downclocks itselfs because of tdp restrictions, change the power management modes for your pc and the nvidea control panel

Your overclock is unstable and your card gets wonky

Most likely an unstable OC; Kepler is weird about that. I recommend running at stock voltages and clocks, enabling Kboost, and seeing where you can go from there. Run Furmark in the background to test stability, or, on Linux, [email protected]