GTX 670 not being manufactured anymore?

Just went down to the local electronics market looking for a GTX 670.  Every place I went to said these GPU's aren't manufactured anymore and that they no longer stock them.  Really?  I looked on google for some information on this but couldn't find anything on the subject. they look pretty stocked to me (they would be marked "while supplies last" if they we're no longer being made)

This is why I don't go to retail for technology. Most of them are full on tech illiterate. I went into Best Buy for an HDPVR a couple years ago and almost left without one. Everyone I asked said they were out of stock and that they didn't plan on getting anymore for a while, that was until I went and actually looked and they had six sitting on a shelf two isles over from where they were supposed to be. When I was getting a laptop for starting college in 2009 I had the guy at the store telling me that my mobile dual core with integrated graphics would be able to play games. Thank god I didn't believe him, even me as a stupid kid knew better.

Yeah retail is the way I have to go for now...buying PC compnents from websites in my country has some connotations to consider.  No getting around that Jman, unforunatly.  I have to go to a electronics market where there are hundreds of different stores and look around for what I want.  Sometimes it's awesome because you can build relationships and get better deals but I went to a new place this past week and it seemed like these people were trying to jerk my chain.  After he said they don't make 670's anymore he said he had a 680 which was 1500 RMB more.  I'm pretty sure he wanted to make more money off me.  Ah well.  I'll make sure to go back there and tell them they are full of shit...maybe they will lose some face and offer me something i want.  Thanks for the help nna2 and Jman.

Newegg has plenty

lol, I love these kinds of stories. They should have their own thread.

^ i dont think newegg will ship to them