GTX 670 Horrible BF3 Performance [Help]

Hey I have a GTX 670 and an Intel 4770, so I have no idea why on ultra at 1080p I am only getting 50 FPS on average, I have seen gameplay of the 670 on BF3 multi player averaging 75 FPS, and many benchmark sites saying the same, yes i have the latest drivers and a powerful CPU, so why am I getting terrible performance?

Please help, it is pretty upsetting that my new 300$ GPU is performing so terribly especially when my old 7770 got about 30 FPS on BF3 Ultra



Well, lets begin troubleshooting.

Are all your power cables plugged in correctly? (24 pin main, 4+4 pin auxiliary, PCIe cables 8+6 pin or 6+6 pin depending on your particular 670).

Is your GTX 670 plugged into the appropriate PCIe slot on your motherboard?  It should be in the uppermost PCIe slot.

What are the rest of your system specs?  Pics would be helpful as well (hardware and software).

What kind of connection are you using between your computer and monitor? HDMI, DVI, or what?  Is the cable plugged into the card itself? Or is it plugged into the motherboard (onboard GPU)?

Dumb question, but you don't have V-sync on eh?

@DuesAres thanks and yeah everything is plugged in correctly, my power connectors are I just recently installed a new PSU, and yes I am using a DVI-VGA adapter that is plugged into my GPU so I guess you can say I am using a VGA cable

Grab some software such as MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision X.  Then download Core Temp.  Open up BF3 in windowed mode and play the game with those applications I mentioned above open.  Monitor your GPU/CPU usage and all that other jazz.  Check for any inconsistencies or oddities.

Is GPU load also GPU usage, cause when I am not playing it says 0% GPU load.

The weird thing is I get the same FPS on low as I do on ultra?

0% load? sounds like a driver problem did you  remove the amd drivers from your hd7770 with the catalyst removal tool? uninstaling it in windows or useing driver sweeper on it dosent fully remove it.

Then remove the nivida drivers and use the new nivida drivers (there are new ones out this week)

Make shure you reboot after a driver removal.

catalyst removal tool-->


Will that remove my processor drivers, I forgot that I had to sell my old processor now i have an AMD fx 6200, I needed money : /

no it removes the gpu drivers not shure how well the FX6200 runs on bf3 tbh

It runs good, BF4 reccomends any AMD 6 Core Processors so yeah

And thanks for your advice but it didn't really help : /

and yeah, my gpu load is always 0% when I'm not gaming so is that like not normal?

When I am gaming on BF3 is is at about 50% but why wouldn't it be at 100% wouldn't that be making it run better?

if you are not gameing thats normal the gpu will run at a much lower clock speed when you are not gameing or doing anything gpu intensive.

Try droping MSAA down to x2 or off for bf3

The weird thing is that doesn't affect my performance at all same with setting it to low