GTX 670 high pitch tone

Hi everyone,

I have a small problem which is quite annoying when i'm gaming. 
When I'm in-game my pc makes a high pitch sound/tone, which I think has to do with the GPU. The sound does not occur in Windows, or when watching tv series. Only something gpu intensive makes the sound. I have checked my cable routing, nothing touches the GPU. 

Again, this is just in Windows. It's not a coil whine or anything, the card is perfectly fine. I can not hear the sound from my case, it's from the front panel audio. Also tried plugging it in the motherboard I/O, same problem. 

Maybe I need to buy a new sound card?

My pc specs are on my profile, but the main things you need to know is that I have a 550W PSU by XFX and a stock clocked FX4300.  

If it's purely a thing coming from the soundcard then yeah, you should think about getting a better soundcard/not onboard card. USB could pass the signal on, try checking with a friends card/cheap usb card.

Ok, will do. What if USB doesn't fix it? PCI card then?

Yeah, but no experience with how signals are or aren't passed over pci. :s