Gtx 670 bottleneck?

I just switched from a gtx 550ti to a gtx 670 my system specs are as follows 650 psw asrock N68-VS3 motherboard

8gb 1600 mhz ram 500gb hdd and amd fx-4100 cpu stock 3.7 ghz. Im afraid that my cpu might be bottlenecking my gpu. when I run batman arkham city benchmark test I only get a maximum of 70 fps an average of 34 fps and a minimum of 2 fps that doesnt sound right to me. Im using a gtx 670 im not sure what the problem is my drivers are up to date im not sure whats wrong. when I upgraded I didnt delete the old drivers so im not sure if thats causeing the problem or my graphics card is being bottlenecked. please respond back


The old drivers shouldn't be affecting your performance, because the GTX 550 TI is going to be using the same drivers are the GTX 670 now anyway. Just to be safe, though, you could install a program called Driver Sweeper and run it in safe mode. When you open Driver Sweeper in safe mode, be sure to use it to remove any and all video drivers. Then restart your computer and install the latest drivers for your video card.

It might be that Arkham City's benchmarking tool is actually more demanding than the game itself. Most benchmarking tools are designed to attempt to bring your computer to its knees. It could very well be a bottleneck though. The FX-4100 isn't exactly the strongest CPU in the world.

thanks for your reply I need answers now. I mean you and I know how much a gtx 670 costs and im sitting here waiting to get the most out my money or the framerate I was expecting with this card I have a feeling that its the cpu but I need more answers.

Have you looked up benchmarks for the GTX 670? What are other people getting in the Arkham City benchmark with the same card?

If it's not working the way you expected, even after you remove and reinstall the drivers, then it's definitely going to be a cpu bottleneck.