GTX 660ti with AMD FX 8350

Hey guys I have an AMD phenom II x4 overclocked to 4 Ghz with a GTX 660ti Over Clocked to about 1250Mhz.

I can tell my CPU is bottlenecking my 660.

After seeing the 8350 video I was wondering wether or not I should spend $200 on the 8350 and what kind of performance increases can I be seeing in games like BF3, Planet Side 2? 


Wow, you've done some major overclocking... Or is that your VRAM?

What kind of performance are you getting now?

get the 8320, few bucks cheaper. Just overclock the shit out of the 3820.

Well for BF3 I get rougly 55 FPS Average, Planet Side 2 around 40-45. But when I use the FPS check on PS2, It says [CPU] Which means my CPU is holding back my GPU from preforming better.
I don't know the performance difference between my OC'ed settings and factory because I OC'ed right out of the box.  

Hmm good idead, but do you know how much you OC the 8320? 

Go for the 8350. It ranks right up there with the 3570K and even performs better in many cases. In some cases it even performs better than the i7's. You should see a huge performance difference between the 8350 and that old Phenom II.

get the 8350 if you want a bit more performance or get the i5 if you wanna save on power