GTX 660Ti or AMD 7950

    I've been looking at these 2 video cards lately. I'm going to use the AMD 6300 FX CPU for an upcoming build. I'm looking at these video cards from each side. A gigabyte card for amd, or an msi one for nvidia. I just want to know which will be best for me to peform in games like BF3. Please help.                     AMD:                                                 Nvidia:

if you can afford a gtx 660ti, you should maybe take a look at the hd 7870 it has about 90 mhz less, but costs way less, but has a 256 bit bus. And here is something you should consider:,18013.html


 I hate msi for this. In a video I've seen a guy from msi selling those cards in a video, and it was clear, that they aim for max performance, at all costs. I wouldn't buy from a company, with such a philosophy.





I don't feel like typing a big explanation today so i'll leave you a link (look through comments)

or a 7950 of course, wasn't thinking about that XD

i am so stupid, the title... argh.

the 7950 is much better than the 660TI after the drivers.