Gtx 660ti memory bandwith

how does the 192 bit memory interface affect the card now and down the road as far as performance goes. Also since we are talking about the memory interface should I get the msi gtx 660ti and overclock it or wait and get an msi gtx 670 graphics card. I currently am running a gtx 550ti.

jsut waait asn gawet the 670 bro,. its alit  fATER

The GTX 660ti seems to be good for the money. The frame times are quite good, better than the 7950 with boost. Ofcourse, the 670 is better overall, but also more expensive.

Test with frame times: ;

From the conclusion:

Pop back and forth between the 99th percentile and average FPS plots, and you'll see two different stories being told. The FPS average suggests near-parity performance between the 7950 and the GTX 660 Ti, with a tiny edge to the GeForce. The 99th percentile frame time, though, captures the impact of the Radeon's frame latency issues and suggests the GTX 660 Ti is easily the superior performer. That fact won't be a surprise to anyone who's read this far.

Frame time latency is important for a smooth gameplay. I hate spikes and stutters.



well im glad that you replied to my thread I found the article that you linked to me interesting. non the less I respond to you with another question such as will i see a difference if I get the 3gb version of the 660ti for 10$ more and if I do get a 3gb version of the msi gtx 660ti can i overclock it the same?

If it's only $10 more, I'd go for the 3gb version. 

Overclocking headroom is a bit of a lottery though. 

Can't really say without doing some research on the specific cards. Usually though, more memory is better if it is the same spec.