GTX 660 ti vs 7950


 so i´m building a new pc (first time ever). and i was thinking about getting a Gtx 660 ti but then i see the redeoan 7950 for the same price so should i get the 7950 or the gtx 660 ti?

any help will be nice.

(sorry for bad english im form denmark)


Personally I'd go with the 660...

From everything I've read, all the benchmarks I've seen, and all of the personal stories I've heard...

Dare I say go with the 660 Ti.

Just... it seems better for what you pay, from all of the crap I've had to dig through. At its price point, I don't think it can be beaten.

Lets put it this way. The 660 kicks the 7950's ass when it comes to clocking. So go for the 660 ti

I would go for the 7950... but what do I know

660 Ti gets higher benchmarks on most games, end users have experienced a generally smoother gaming experience with less micro-stuttering, and many more results...

To be honest, I like ATi, and I want to help them stay in business, but it really seems like nVidia has them beat this round. 

Now, if ATi were to drop the prices of their cards even MORE.... 

I'm an AMD GPU Fanboy but um .

i have had three 7950 with crapped out after about a month, so i would say go with the 660 ti.

ok thank you.

sp Gtx 660 ti it i


Id say 7950, Kills the 660 Ti when overclocked and has more Vram/Bandwidth than it as well allowing better use in the future, also beware of banchmarks as a lot of them use old drivers and the new ones are much better.

7950 is amazing especially if you can find the deal where you get 3 games with it.