GTX 660 TI SLI vs 670

Hi guys.

Want to hear your opinion on getting a 670, or getting a 660 ti, then make a lil more money and buy another 660 ti and make it sli.


buy 670, and then wait longer and buy another 670 to sli with.

TY! <3

depends on what your playing on/with

i5 3570k

MSI Big bang z77 

16 gb corsair vengeance 

750 watt cx750


i think im gonna buy the MSI 660 ti then save up another 300 bucks and throw a second one in

if you can find a msi 660 ti that supports over volting it will be = to an 670 (both at max oc) but you have to act fast because Nvidia has put an end to over volting and the all new Nvidia GPUs will not over volt.

So if i am buying one of the PE cards from MSI like tomorrow, will it still be over-volt-able?

Of course.

Nvidia is technically not doing anything, they are just restricting the Green Light program further which means for a manufacturer to get a warranty on an order of GPUs they cannot pre-overvolt the GPU. This does not mean Nvidia GPUs CANNOT be overvoltage, you just have to do it all yourself now (which means factory will overclocks will be less). Also note that this does not affect your warranty; if your card comes with a manufacturer warranty it will still be valid provided you are within the stated terms and conditions, it just means the GPU in your replacement card will be paid for my the manufacturer of the card, not Nvidia.

ya but.... wait for it.... non of the big names will be making  overvolting ready gpus. So yes your right. Nvidia will not warranty the manufacturers on cards that are able to be over volted even on ones that have already been made because of this move MSI, extra have pulled back those SKUs and wont make anymore. The good news is if you have one you still have a warranty.

and to aneswer your question i don't know im sure the stores still have some in inventory but you'll have to do your homework.

I am 90% sure MSI cards will be overvolting ready and I am 100% sure that extreme voltage settings will still be accessible in Afterburner with the disclaimer unlock. Consider that, although Green Light convinced EVGA to stop shipping the 680 Classified with EVBot, EVBot is still available and the 680 Classified is still compatible with it. This scandal is being overblown because the 2012 product generation is now fleshed out from top to bottom and the rumor mill is slow.

do you all think that the 660 ti is best bet for money? im still quite torn about not getting a 670.

and are all of the evga cards a lot more noisey?

In my experience EVGA cards are indeed fairly loud. I would recommend an MSI or ASUS 670 if you have the money, but an MSI 660 Ti is still a very good option (getting one for my build in a couple weeks) and I don't think you'll be disappointed in the slightest.

You are an idiot to not buy the msi power edition while you can before the nvidia greenlight takes over. It's the overclocked to be the smae as a 670 for much less.