GTX 660 Ti overclocking limit?

sorry im new to overclocking and shizz but when I overclock my msi 660 ti, it is limited to adding around 430 mhz to the core. If I add anymore, it crashes my comp and i have to hit the restart button. Is there such thing as a maximum overclock. Do I need to do something else or is there a problem with the card? I also overvolted by 100mv and increased the power limit to the max in msi afterburner. My psu is a 700w ocz bronze cert. but im almost certain its not the problem. Thanks guys!

nice, pushing it to the max.

im running - core voltage +100

core clock +115

memory clock +575


That's a really high overclock, and I'd be really surprised if it were stable. Make sure you're stability testing with furmark, MSI Kombuster, or 3DMark11.

And yes, you're going to hit a limit eventually when overclocking.

really? holy crap i feel awesome. I guess its been stable so far. I turned up the fans maybe about 20-30 percent and put it on auto so it keeps it cooler as the temps rises. I think the highest I got was 65-70 celcius and I was gonna start doing some benching with kombustor. Thanks for the comment!

LOL I didnt know that my temps didnt read my VRAM and i pushed it to like +800 mhz and it crashed because I thought it was still cool. After my friend told me, its now back to +480 mhz. I wanted to stay safe with it but I'll probably bump it to +500 or something around there.

I managed to push my GTX 560to the max overclock without a bios mod. Stable. However I always recomend find a stable clock, then drop it back another 15-40Mhz, 

Gigabyte 660ti OC @1202mghz (standard freq) if i add 1 mghz more it crashes in BF3  


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