GTX 660 SC vs. XFX 7870

Which is a better overall GPU without overclocking them (eventhough the 660 is). I'm building a gaming only rig and my budget is $725. Both these GPUs are within my price range fo what I'm looking to spend along with the prices of all the other components. Heres is what I have so far...

I need your help picking the right GPU for my system. Games I will be playing are: Arma II, Arma III, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, and Minecraft.

I'd say the 7870 would beat the 660, quite comfortably. The 7870 compares to the 660ti, and when overclocked, frequently beats that, too.

I would invest in the MSI 7870, rather than the XFX. with the graphics card added. Its the 7870 Ghz Edition, which was $170, so the bang for the buck ratio is outstanding compared to the GTX 660

I have heard that the Gigabyte 7870 stays the coolest and overclocks the best. Personally, I have the HIS 7870 and I love it. I would definately recommend the 7870 over the 660

The gigabyte 7870 is really good, friend has it in the rig I built him, the his iceq one is just as good, if not better

they're incredibly close, i'd get the cheaper or, based on the games you listed

if you'll be playing arma more: 660

if you'll be playing battlefield more: 7870

I definatly will be playing Arma ALOT more. I heard that the AMD drivers were getting "sloppy" and was causing people to have problems with their GPUs. Is that true?

Not any more, get this

$244 7970ghz performance when oc