GTX 660 Sale, Worth It?

so im going to get a gpu soon and i was going to get a 7870 however i've stumbled across this cheap deal on the 660. so should i get this instead and grab more later for sli or go for a 7870. my budget for gpus is $220 as canadian currency is jacked up here. (anything over $200 adds around $30 or more to the table).

btw i 3d render in programs such as 3ds max, do alot of game development in cryengine and prefer high graphic shooters, ex. farcry 3, crysis 3, battlefield 3, planetside 2


I would say its a good deal

get it i have 660 oc and everygame ive played so far on ultra.

I have one myself and it performs great in BF3, Crysis 2, Crysis 3, and Borderlands 2.  Just make sure you're CPU doesn't bottleneck it like mine does (AMD Phenom II X4 965).  Planning on adding a second card myself once the price comes down, performance should equal that of a 680.

2 660 oc beat a stock 680 and its still cheaper. but when you oc 680 it will beat the 660sli.

That same card is so much cheaper on NewEgg its unreal...

I got a gtx 660 about a week ago and it runs every game I play perfectly, although I also have an fx 6300 + 8GB. Some people say that Radeon is better for 3D rendering and such, I have like no experience when it comes to that.

Are we talking a GTX 660 or a 660 Ti, because there is a difference in how this question will be answered based on this distinction.

gtx660 non-ti

reference cooler thats why its so cheap.

The 660 is a fine card. So 1+ for the 660 although the "ti" is something to look at.

If there is the msi one for around the same price get because it runs ALOT cooler.