GTX 660 or Radeon 7870?

Hey guys,

Deciding of if i should get a GTX 660 or Radeon 7870 or to wait for the 8000 series card. My board doesnt support SLI so I'm kind of leaning towards AMD.

Radeon 7870. It's faster. It's about on par with the 660-Ti.


Go with the Radeon 7870 "Tahiti LE" eddition card as its a stipped back 7950 for the same price as a 7870.

I was even maybe thinking of waiting in the 8850's or 8870's, maybe borrow my friends 560ti for the time being?

a 7870LE/7950 would perform about the same as an 8850 seeing as there has been 10% performance increases for a few generations now, so it wouldnt make much difference

would that be the same as this

if so im in 

Yes, thats a 7870 TAHITI wont find better when it come to prefomance for price for a pure gamming rig.

I have to agree with you. I have a 7870 in my gaming rig, and it plays everything i can throw at it at max settings at 1080p.

hey dumbass the 660ti is better than the 7950 and and the 660 is better than the 7870 and you know it or at least you should. haveing physx for the games that need it and adaptive vsync is great

definetly go with the 660 it is better and anybody that says the 7870 is better they dont have good sources the 660 is way better is you can strive to a 660ti it will smoke the 7950 anyday of the week. and the geforce experience

Well, any review site will tell you otherwise. Even Anandtech has the 7870 trading blows with the 660-Ti, and that's with the dated drivers. Radeon drivers have come a long, long way since their release. That quite possibly may have been the case on day 1 release, but it's certainly not the case now. When AMD released their 12.9 drivers, Tom's Hardware gave the 7970 (Tahiti XT) the performance crown after the 680 had it. Now that more recent drivers and the GHz Edition 7970 (Tahiti XT2), nvidia is falling behind. It's same story across the mainstream and enthusiast spectrum. But that's really no surprise once you look at the hardware, especially comparing the 660 and 7870, as the 7870 ups the 660 in ROPs, Unified shader count, memory bus width, and memory bandwidth. The 660 throws down with the 7850, weather you're looking at benchmarks, or the hardware inside.

If you show me a recent benchmark that shows otherwise, I'd happily say the 660 is faster, but that would have to be a hell of a benchmark, as it would contradict just about every reputable review site out there.'re spouting off a lot of love for the 660, but your not really backing that up with any benchmarks?

if you think a 660 can get near to a 7870 TAHITI LE you really need to hit google and do some more research....or watch the bench mark video above.

Its all very interesting considering just 2 weeks ago you were asking: "i want to see what is the best graphics card for under $300. i am either thinking of the geforce gtx 660ti or the radeon hd 7950." - and without fail everyone said the 7950 But now your so evangelical about the 660 and 660ti????