GTX 660 or EVGA 650 ti boost 2gb?

Should I spend the extra money and get a 660? Or is the 650 ti boost good enough? I want to play on resolution 1920x1080. I like ultra but I do not mind turning it down to high.

The 650 Ti boost is almost as good as the 660 but, I don't think you'll need to get the 660 for that. On  a side note, for around the same price you can get the hd 7870, which outperforms both

wiliam is right. Srsly the 7870 and I believe 7850 outperfroms 660ti in every newest game. Like 10-20%

Not really:,1.html

amd has been doing some driver wiazardy recently, effectivley rendering old benches unreliable

thanks guys, which 7870 is best?

7870XT from sapphire