GTX 660 at 60 fps?

Still haven't bought all the parts..but if I were to get a gtx 660, would it be possible to get 60fps from it with an i5 4670k cpu and 8gb of ram? And if not, about how high could I go?

If you need more info please let me know.


60 fps in what ? What settings ? My 670 is perfect at 60 but it really depends ...

Why the 660, the 7870 is cheaper and more powerfull

The GTX660 is an under performer, in my opinion. I believe the GTX 760 is only slightly higher in cost, and is much more capable. Alternately, you could get a 7870 which is comparable to the 660ti, if not slightly higher performing in most cicumstances.

The rest of your rig sounds good. i5 and 8GB of RAM will enable you to use any GPU. We do need to know much more about the games you intend to play, resolution, and desired graphics settings to determine anything.

Sorry. Forgot to mention specific games. Mostly older games like left for dead, metal gear rising, dark souls, etc. (Basically anything from previous gen). But I still want to be able to enjoy the next gen titles like BF4, watchdogs, titanfall. All at least high settings

Yeah. My bad. I just posted it as a reply to mihemine

a 660 is pretty much identical to a 7870, which many people say max out most games at 1080p

I believe the 7870 and 660 were identical before AMD's massive driver improvements. Now, it's not really a contest, the 7870 often beats the 660ti.

To answer OP, I'm sure the gtx660 will give a satisfying level of performance, but I can't guarantee it will do everything you wish. There are similarly priced alternatives that I have much more faith in. The 7870 would be the best example, it will certainly play BF4 on ultra presets 1080p.

Alternately, you might find a gtx760 for a small increase in cost. I did a quick search on Amazon's US site and there appeared to be a $20 difference in the two models that I saw.

That's great to know. So far you've got me convinced on the 7870. But I wouldnt mind spending a bit extra (about $50 more than the 660) as long as it's worth it. So between the 7870 and the gtx 760. Which seems more worth it?

The GTX760 is the higher performing card. In some AMD optimised games, the 7870 might close the gap. Truth be told, there isn't a massive amount of difference between cards. The more you spend, the less you get in return.

I think the 7870 is one of the best price/performance parts on the market. The 760 still falls on a really sweet price point, and it does give a much better performance guarantee. Both cards should play 90% (or more) of games on ultra settings at 1080p. So it's up to you if you want to part with that slightly higher cost. If the difference was maybe $20-30, I would definitely pick the 760. If you can find a 7870 for a greater price difference, that could be a really good deal, providing the cooling unit wasn't sub-par.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you for the thorough explanation.  And yeah, it makes sense. Although now it seems just a bit more difficult to choose between those two. I may still end up with the 7870 over the 760 just because of the price difference, just as long as I can still play the games mentioned above at least at high setting.

You won't be disappointed with either choice. The 7870 can still play some of the most demanding games on very high, or high, at the very least. There are very few games that would warrant the GTX 760 if you're satisfied with high settings. Exception to the rule would be Total War games, because TW hates AMD drivers.

760 goes for 30-50$ more depending on cooler, overclock, etc.

Awesome! Thanks for the immediate responses and info!

Just as a side mention, it won't be 60FPS + at ultra. but it will be very playable.

So maybe over 30fps?

BF4 will be 50+ FPS in BF4 multiplayer on ultra settings. Best estimate. When they introduce the Mantle driver it might have a greater performance.

Agree with Bezerker. I do not own a 7870. I helped my cousin build a rig a couple months ago. Seeing the way that little card handled bf4 at 1080p made me regret spending so much on my own card.  this is a sweet deal if you are looking at a 770gtx  $205+ tax. 

From my personal experience, my GTX 760 4GB plays BF4 in ultra at between 65-80FPS. I changed it to high and my FPS jumped up to 105-115. I was playing using the "nVidia Optimized" settings until I looked at what they actually were and realized that many of the items were set to low. So yea I was getting 120+FPS but image quality wasn't the best. Oh, I am playing in 1080 on a 32" 120Hz screen