GTX 660 and 2 FullHD screens?

Hi Everyone!

It's been quite a while since I was gaming on the PC and it's time to get "back to the roots"... but this requires a new graphics card. I've pretty much decided to get a GTX 660 already, but I have one question which I hope you can answer (I'm sure you can ;) ) - is a card like this capable to run with 2 monitors - both of which would run at 1080p?

Now, just to be clear, that's certainly NOT something that I expect to do and I realize that this card will be good enough to run a game on a single 1080p monitor on high (not ultra) settings and I'm fine with that, but I'm just curious as I have never before tried hooking up 2 screens and I'm not sure if the maximum resolution in the specs includes a dual monitor split. Does it?

The spec say max. resolution = 2560x1600. Does that mean that with 2 screens each could run at 1280x800 and no more? Or Is this a cap for the resolution on one screen and when 2 are connected it could show up to 2560x1600 per screen (of course with the accordingly lower performance)? If it's 2 x 1280x800 then wouldn't it actually be 2560x800 and not 2560x1600?

Sorry for a noob question, again, I've never done dual-screens and of course don't really plan to with this card (maybe experimentally), but I'm curious so please enlighten me ;)

i'm not sure about the gtx-660 but this may help....


Yup, that helped as now I know what should I look for - "nVidia Surround" and it seems like the GTX 660 does support it so thanks for the reply :)