GTX 650 ti or Radeon HD 7770?

Which one is better for gaming? I play games like Black Ops 2 and Far Cry 3 at the moment and want to run them on high at a 60FPS range. I just flat out want to know which one is better.

GTX SSC 650 ti 2g (


Radeon HD 7770 2gb (,3135-6.html

I think you should Never Settle, and get a Ghz

the GHz editions are only 1gb...

the one you picked is a Ghz

ha my bad.. so you recomend that over the GTX? even though the GTX core clock is higher? 

The core clock is not very far apart, and from what that bench said the 7770 should be better, that combined with the better price and free games leads me to belive that you should get that one.

If you can shell out a few more bucks, get a card like this one, you would seem to get substantially better proformance (look at the high detail level).

But watch, that one settles. (no free games)

Think im  going to buy this ( its $170 this a code and rebate plus 2 games i will end up selling. Thank you 

Sounds good. As for selling the games, just know that AMD will email you the codes (after you get one from the retailer).

Ill figure something out about the games, one last thing, will thats GPU be ok with my Athlon II x4 640? i might be getting a phenom II x4 965 since i dont have a AM3+ mobo

Like will it work? Do you have a PCIe 16X slot?

yea i have the slot, i currently have a 6670. But i was wondering if there will be any cpu gpu problem for any reason. 

Shouldn't be.