GTX 590 Price hasn't dropped!/ 590 SLI vs 680+


 I've been trying to decide whether i should buy another GTX 590 and SLI for a while or buy 2 680 maybe even 2 690s and SLI instead.

however when looking around i noticed that on Newegg, NCIX the card is discontinued and on amazon it's the same 900$ price as when i first bought mine.
 I got the classified, not sure if there was other models.

So my main question is WTH?
And my second question is: Is there a huge gap between 2 GTX 590s SLI in performance compared to 2 680s and 2 690s?

I would appreciate some feedback on whether to sell my 590, cut my losses and get 2 680s or 690 etc.

Second 590 is a waste, going x3 or x4 SLI has very quickly diminishing returns.

PS your 590 is still SLI 580s


Get the 680s, 590s are downclocked and perform like SLI 570s.

You almost never see a drop in price of the new-generation dual GPU cards.

You can find 6990's and 590's on eBay for less then $400USD (Just sayin')