Gtx 580 or gtx 680

So I have a gtx 580 3 gig ram version and I want gtx 680 Should I do something else or what?

get a super clocked 670 4gb. 

Hey, if you can swing the money, get a 680. If the price is out of your range, grab a 7970. Both are best of the best right now.

Logically the GTX 680 would be better, lawl, but I suppose the GTX 580 is cheaper.

get another 580.... they are cheaper now so you will save money and it would destroy the 680. save money and get more performance. its a win win.

The 670 is stronger then the 580, and the 680 is slightly worse then the 590. Keep that in mind. I am not sure how good the scaling for the 580 is, but based on the high demand games I say get another 580 and Sli!!!!

Another 580: $500

7970: $360- $600

OC 670: $370 - $450

680:$470 -$580


Most GTX 580s go for $300 - 400, not including the EVGA classified ones. There was one that was as low as $280

I Have a evga gtx 580 3gig version so I think its about 600$ for new 1

It's really up to you. You're going to get more performance with two GTX 580s in SLI rather than a single card though.

You might be able to sell the GTX 580 and get two GTX 680s or 670s too though.