GTX 580 doesn't like me overclocking CPU?

Here is something completely random, I normally run two gtx 670 in sli which are both overclocked. I recently got a GTX 580 as spare card, however the drivers crashes and recovers after 5minutes of game play.

However when i put my 3820 to stock settings the graphic cards runs like a dream.

So yeh confused on how my overclock of my CPU so how annoys the gtx 580 and yet the gtx 670s are fine.

Anyone one else had this before?

It probably has to do with the NB voltage. Try lowering it for the 580 see if that helps. 

Im running Intel, dont have a north bridge. thanks

Oh i didn't notice that hehe. Hmm i'll see if i can find anything out for you.

Have you tried running the card in a diff PCIE slot instead of the 1st one?