GTX 580 Black Screen

Hey guys!

I'm having a problem with my GPU, it first happened when i went to play MoH last week, i played for about 5 minutes and my screen gone black.

Later i was trying to see what was the problem, i ran kombustor to see if would happen again, and it did, my GPU was downclocked (have no idea why) the entire kombustor test and the card temperature was about 70C when the screen went black again.

My computer is about 2 years old, and i have a 550w crappy PSU. Do you guys think is the PSU that is causing the problem? I just don't want to believe that my GPU is dying, it's freaking expensive here in Brazil.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

Thanks in advance

Bit of a strange issue, do you have any other computers/power supplies you can test the card with?

No... i'm sorry... but im buying a new PSU right now (Seasonic 760W 80+Gold) for some upgrades later on...

Ok... i'm running Heaven bench for a few minutes now, and nothing happend... is the Kombustor causing the throttling?

What was your old PSU? this one... and i'm still using it, i didn't bought the Seasonic PSU yet...