Gtx 550ti games 60 FPS?

i know this is a dated card but what games can get 60 fps at 1080p, now dont tell me somehting from 2002 or stuff like that something good!

Hey there.

What kind of 550ti is it? what kind of cooling is on it? because with MSI afterburner you might be able to push your card a little. 

I used a 560 GTX ones and i was able to play battlefield 3 on high with a decent fps.

Heres the 560 and the 550ti compared

You should try out Platnetside 2, its feaking awesome. Battlefield combat, Halo world, its free. 

But you might need to change the renderdistance from 9999 to 1000. 

Go to your Planetside folder and open the file "UserOptions" with wordpad.

FInd RenderDistance and change it to "RenderDistance=1000"

But to be honest, your pc specs isent the best i've seen, I think you need to upgrade soon if you want the whole 60fps full hd experience, it dosent have to be expensive you know.

Counterstrike anything

call of duty anything

I forget

counterstrike it is

You should be able to get almost any game to 60fps, you just might have to turn some settings down a little.  I'm on a 560Ti and I can still play most games on high/max settings with 60fps minimum

Counter strike GO is really good and runs on anything. 

its depressing on low settings and im new to soo can someone tell me why CO is sooo popular


 What's wrong with old games?  Retros before hoes!

Hey gigabuster, I'm 14 years old soo these errors are history to mey Tetris are halo combat evolved. Played that bad boy since four years of age 

14 eh, you're missing out on some classics I can make a list of some really fun old games if you'd like, could tell me what your CPU is that will help with what games you can run

Fx 4100. Quality games only ;) 

Okay, there shouldn't be a member on here that will disagree with this list

I recommend buying the games and play them on the original consoles and do not endorse pirating*cough even though your system is capable of emulating all of these at a full 60FPS with full AA and AF and HD texture packs

you should play the newer games first, it will help getting used to and appreciating the old graphics, but gameplay and plot is where the gold is at, which you don't see much of these days





will add more, list incomplete, this is taking a lot of time so please look it over and consider

IveIcecap played some of these games!