GTX 550Ti 910MHz, problems?

Hello. Not sure if it's graphic card problem or something monitor.

When playing games, on my screen I can sometimes see some "transparent lines" running from bottom-middle to top-middle part of my screen. Sorry but that is the only way I can describe them - transparent lines. No colours or anything, just looks like sometimes middle of my screen is underwater ?! 

They not there all the time and like I said are only noticeable when playing games...

That is the reason why I'm posting that under GPU :)

My card - ASUS GTX 550Ti ( factory O.C. 910MHz ) never been overclocked, well not by me anyway, just factory O.C....

Is it time to start saving for some new Graphic Card or is there anything else I could do?

Rest of the spec here

AMD 8320


GTX 550 Ti

8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz

Antec Kuhler H60

Some old HDD Samsung 500GB

Windows 7 Ultimate

CPU, GPU and ram - never overclocked.


PS. Sorry for mistakes - English is my second language.

Thank you


A screen shot of the issue would be really helpful. As it is, you're right, it could be either your monitor OR your GPU, and your description, at least for me, doesn't narrow it down any. I've never heard of "transparent" lines before.The the issue doesn't appear in the screen shot, we can rule out monitor.

FurMark is also a good test. If you notice visual artifiacts with FurMark, it's likely the GPU.

Yeah, screen shot would be nice. The problem is that those "lines" can appear out of the blue, at random and only for like 1-2 seconds... I can try to make a screen shot but it will be very hard to capture them :(

Will try that FurMark when I get home from work.

Thx for reply

Do you still have those problems? Are they fixed already? I'd like to know more and maybe I could help with that if those problems are still present (I have ASUS GTX 550 Ti too).