GTX 550 ti 2gb

I have a GTX 550 ti 2gb and was thinking about aupgrading to a second one in SLI but i heard 3d game man ranbling in youtube about  how its better to have one GPU than two.... is it that hard to find games that benefit from two GPUs? he also said somethig about drivers been a probable issue with two video cards.


what do you guys think?

i  good PSU that wont be a problem.

should i buy a second gtx550

or should i sell it and buy a higher performance one  ( wich would be a good performace boost similar to two gtx550)

If buying a second card is cheaper than buying a new one do it.

I think its about the same but if i can buy the one i alredy have wich its not easy. 

I don't like SLI or CrossFire, it's just gives more work, costs more time, and the performance doesn' scale that well. I would get rid of it and get an AMD HD7850 or 7870 with 2GB of RAM and 2 fans. An HD7850 will give you near twice the fps of 2 550ti's in SLI in most games.

that could be a good way to go and the price its not that hign 200 $ on amazon for the hd7850 and 249 for the hd 7870 the thing its that i have to sell the one i alredy have im not sure its that easy where i live...maybe i can build a second machine..the gtx550ti its about ..

if i buy the second gtx ti could i get the one with one gig of ram ( the one i have now has 2 gigs ) that wont be a problem right?

check this video out and don't use sli.

ram shouldn't be a problem.

Great videdo thanks it really open my view of things ...