GTX 465 With waterblock

I have a Pny GTX465 that i have with a dangerden waterblock on it. 3/8 barb fittings that i wanna sell since i just got a 670. Card runs well. i have had it in a SLI setup for awile now and i just upgraded. Also note that this is a black pcb model with the extra ram chips and a 465 bios. It could be unlocked to a 470 i just never needed to. 

The one with the air cooler is spoken for. but the extra block is for sale as well.

Make me offers!

could you run the two cards sli without water cooling? Also how much would you be selling if you just sold one of them

Yes but i wouldnt reccomend it. its like having 2 jet engines in your case. Also on air they need to be monitored with msi afterburner or because for some reason the fans dont kick up otherwise till the cards hit 65c. Thats why i water cooled them. the one card with the block i would like to get $125 out of and if the other deal falls through i would seel both with blocks and air cooling for $200


Would the one with the water block already on it come with the air cooler, too?

yep ill toss it in as well


Do you have the MOLEX to 6-Pin PCIe adapter that it came with? (I think the PNY model came with them, anyway)

yes i have plenty of those laying around as well

I'll definately be thinking about this, I just need to see if I have the extra money.

anyone interested?


Offer: $25 without a water block?

Per card.

Im willing to work with you.

I'm still interested, if you can hold it until October or November I might have the spare cash.

Cant do less than $65 per card. Thats below market value. I think its a fair price with blocks $90 a piece


If I only had a tab bit more money at the moment I would take it if its still heare in a week or two I will contact you.

you can't even get a 8400GS for $25, obvious troll is obvious

cards still here i would like $75 each with air coolers $110 with full cover blocks

Any takers? Hits ebay next week