Gtx 460 2win for $170, thoughts?

Im starting to build my first pc, and looking at many differnet video cards. I saw this for 170 last week around blk friday. 512bit with 2GB vram seemed like a really good deal but my knowledge is limited. I cant really find any reviews or benchmarks for this one, so for anyone that has ever use it, is this a good deal and a good video card?

Thats pretty old archietecture. Its gonna run hot. I'd say save a bit more cash and get a 7850. Will out perform that, and run much cooler. I got a 570 on black friday for teh same price, so its not that good of a deal.

a 460 is an older card and like TallGeese said "its gonna run hot." i don't see a point in getting an older card for cheap when it's not as efficient, or cool. Try to find something in your budget a little newer like in the latest 7000 series from AMD or 600 series from Nvidia.

all graphics card are relatively hot so a little extra isn't too much of a concern to me, but evga says this is suppose to outperform a single 580. does that count for anything?

Bad deal. IMO, the 400 series was bad. They were more power hungry than their rival series, the 5000 cards, and also ran slower.

For only a few bucks more, a 560 Ti is a better deal. Or if your willing to drop a little more, a 660 and 7850 will be even better.

A single GTX 660 will out perform the 580 so you can see that diff in performance there

thats quite a broad generalization to make but keep in mind this is a 2win version, meaning its 2 460's on a single PCB. basically the same as running 2 460s in sli so by no means is it a bad deal, but i was more interested if it is a good deal

Oh, sorry, I skimmed over that part. 

It can be a good deal, I just looked up some benchmarks versus a 580 and it performed either as fast or slower( slower by 10-30 FPS). Then the fact that it's power consumption will be huge.

So it's a good deal if you don't mind paying the bills