Gtx 390


Might be fake but it's not certain yet.

If no ones seen this, check it out.

I think this is fake Ive seen these pictures so long ago, they were originally rumored to be the 295

Looks cool, though.

i declare it to be fake. because there is no money in 4 cores, the profit margins are not there. to simply manufacture that is going to be 600 dollars, so to make money you are looking at like what? 800 dollars... which means 0 people will buy it, and then those who do will realize that no game supports 4 gpus. there just isnt money in that card.

Yeah, that's what I thought too. Maybe in the future though, I'm sure we'll see quad GPU's when more games support it.

The only time that having four GPU's on one PCB would be profitable is if the cores were very very small, like 100mm2. Which i do not think will happen.

its definitely fake and impractical, but what do you mean when more games support it. its just quad sli. pretty much any game that supports sli would see improvement, which is a lot of games.

This is it. I remember seeing these pictures too.

no, most games that support sli only scale to 3 gpus. after that there is no benefit.

2x GTX295s would like to have a word with you. But it's generally true, 3x up and the Scaling is pretty horrid.

Might I point out that there is a potential market for this? For example insane enthusiasts(like those who bought the MARS), they'd pay top dollar for it.

Of course the 390's most likely just 2 GTX380s slapped together with lower clocks.

ok so, the enthusiasts. Is it really worth putting a whole bunch of money into R&D for a card that will be purchased by Maxishine, Trubritar, and 3dgameman. Not a huge market, not worth the money.