GTX 295 + i7 3.7ghz Bit-tech Review

Great review/(PREVIEW), although I wish it had a quad sli tested or temperature.

Regardless I certainly hope this doesn't disappoint like the GX2 did on launch.

Anybody plan to grab one on January 8?

Edit: -Preview-

if it costs a bunch more than the 4870x2 i wouldnt consider it... but really im waiting for a single gpu that beats the gtx280 by like 50% before im going to upgrade, or until 2 9800gtx's just dont cut it, but looking at the games coming out anytime soon i think that will be a ways away.

wats the difference between GTX 250 and two GTX 260 in SLi?

Those numbers dont look convincing enough to buy, I hope they have a quad test for it soon....

Another "Preview" from GURU3D.