GTX 1660 all good for Linux?

I was deciding between an RX 580, RX 590 or the GTX 1660 and decided for the latter because of the much better power efficiency, since I’m a man that likes to use a PC for over 6 years and it’ll pay off.

I would just like to know if the GTX 1660 is all good to go, drivers fine and everything for Linux? I intend to use the latest Linux Mint, my first time.

Drivers are generally fine for Linux, I am currently on team green myself. The quality of the boards mainly depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the chip components (such as VRMs) they put into the card itself. This is mostly dependent on the product line of the graphics card itself. In general, the more expensive the card, the better the quality of the components used.

With that said, do not forget that the philosophy of Linux is tied to its open source nature and in Linuxland, AMD supports the open source community more than its rival, something which you should probably consider in choosing a GPU.