GTX 1080 boost clock stuck at low speeds after PC has been idle few days


At some point after having my system powered on, while the system was
4 days on idle, my GTX 1080 becomes permanently throttled in 3d. The
graphics clock was halved from a maximum of 1950-1960mhz (factory OC) to
1285mhz . When this occurs, it doesn't matter how much I load my card,
be it games or other demanding applications, it does not ever go past
the above caps. The only solution I have had up until now was to reboot
the system .GPU-Z reports the "perfcap" reason as PWR

And it happened just once.

I have 0 driver crashes. And normally the event log will show the
drive crash report which in my case it doesn't show. So its not related
to driver crash.

I have SLEEP and HIBERNATE setting TURN OFF to NEVER. Turn off Monitor have after 15 minutes.

Here is a picture:

PC: 6700K no OC

2x8GB Kingston Hyperx

Corsair 750 RM

Gigabyte Gtx 1080 Xtreme

SSD Crucial Bx 100 256 GB

Asus Z170-P

Windows 10

Is my hardware GPU failing?

But maybe some kind of unstable factory oc by my card? Mini crash?

I used to have this issue with my EVGA GTX 980. Never found a fix, other than rebooting my PC unfortunately.

Same story with me

No issue on AyyMD though.

This happened to me once my GTX 980, I used nvidia inspector to restart/reset the display driver and it went back to normal.

I normally would have just restarted, but I was copying a large amount of files from my backup to the raid array I had just setup.

THEROBDOG you have gtx 1080?

No, haha. I have a 980. I was replying to @Kaleshi saying that I have the same problem with my 980.