GTX 1070 or GTX 1080

Dear “LevelOners,”

I know this topic is most likely redundant, but I do think to some degree this issue is mutually exclusive to each individual based on preference and setup. So, let me get to the point: I want to know which GPU would be better for 1080p 60fps with EVERY setting maxed out–practically, of course. I realize that 8x MSAA just destroys most GPUs in certain titles. My current setup is as follows:
-i7 5820k @ 3.8 Ghz (under Hyper 212 Evo for now)
-32GB(4x8) DDR4 ADATA XPG Z1
-MSI X99a Raider motherboard
-Thermaltake TR2 RX 650w Semimodular PSU

The rest of the specs do not see very relevant to gaming performance here, so I will leave the rest off.
My main thought process is that with X99 I can just grab a 1070 now–then ultimately grab another 1070 in the future and SLI them. It might help to also mention that I plan on doing a small amount of content creation, too.

Prices are screwed way up right now, to the point you might find 1080’s cheaper. (in which case the choice is obvious)

SLI isn’t worth it in any sense of the word, and doesn’t help in premiere rendering or in most non-commercial workflows either.

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Okay, so it looks like the 1080 is the best option. Thanks! I appreciate your feedback.

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I have to say I’m very happy with my 1070 but I do have the niggling thought now and then that I should have got the 1080 now that I see how fantastic these cards really are. Alas, I just crossed over from the AMD camp and my, my… What a difference! Definitely get the 1080. I wish you the best. These cards scream.


at 1080p both will me more than adequate if that is any help.

At 1440p the 1070 is pretty good with ultra settings, great if you turn the settings down a little while the 1080 is great running ultra for almost anything.

they will both struggle at 4K compared to a 1080ti

The Next Generation following the 1080 TI I believe will be a perfect version of a 4K card even dual 1080 sometimes can’t quite cut it for Ultra 4K

My SLI 1080 handles 99% of everything I can throw out at at 4K

I agree next gen will tackle 4K as a main stream resolution. It is still in that luxury segment at present needing top end to access well.

The replacement 1070 level card is likely to be the goto base 4K card next gen If nvidia’s performance generational performance increases stay constant.

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I still fail to see the value proposition of 4k for gaming. I own 2 systems, both with 24" displays with similar color reproduction, one 1080p, one 4k, both appropriately spec’d for the monitors. Don’t notice any difference above 60 or so FPS, other than window management being less nice on the 4k system without having to put more thought into using tiling.

Maybe at much larger monitor sizes it matters, but sub- 30" it doesn’t really do much for me.

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That I agree 100% from a user interface perspective. I have an 1880p laptop and it is unusable without scaling and the scaling brings its own problems.

24" 4k is probably not of any practical value, right up there with 1440p phone screens. 32" and bigger is getting more useful and it will make full screen games more detailed if you can drive the game at that resolution and the game has native 4k textures

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Dear Quantum

I just logged into my old laptop in dire need of updating and saw this old thread. For what its worth, maybe some might find what I have to share as useful. If not, nothing lost. I’m using a 1070 and for the most part it suits me fine. I’m not an ultra hard core gamer but I seem to have all the FPS and responsiveness I need on an ASUS 27" standard monitor. I’m using the ASUS X99-E WS USB 3.1 main board with 128 GB of Corsair Dominator RAM and a Corsair Platinum 1000 watt PSU. I use my PC for multiple purposes, media, rendering, home server, etc. and I’m quite pleased with it. It sports the i7 6850 hex core CPU and I do find the 40 lanes very handy as I dearly value my options. Now I realize I’m not using the most high end equipment but for me it serves the purpose. I have to say that since I purchased this GPU I have never had an issue with it and it has always kept up with any demands I’ve placed upon it. I’m sure the 8 GB of DDR 5 it comes with helps a lot. If you don’t plan on going 4K any time soon a 1070 might just be the thing. I hope this helps.

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