GTX 1060 only $141 while Lenovo Legion Gaming Laptops hit new lows in Deals | Level One Techs

So long as you keep your gaming rig to 1080p a GTX 1060 card is probably all you'll need to get by. With that in mind, shopping for one on the net typically runs you between $220 and $280, but today has a price cut on this MSI GTX 1060 to $141.49. It's a massive discount requiring you to take advantage of instant savings, a coupon, and this rebate to get the final price - but after all is said and done, it's nearly $100 cheaper than elsewhere online.

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Damn, if I was in the market for one, I would get one.

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It blows my mind how far GPU's have come in performance / price.
My rule used to be $200 for a GPU max (9600, 460, 660), then I needed a $370 GTX 970 for one taxing game (Just Cause 3). The GTX 1060 is probably a little better than a 970 for more than $200 less!

looked into the free games and one you have to buy something in order to get it and it is below 5$ in value and random. the other you need to create a account and link it to your steam account so you are paying with your steam information. didnt check out dirt.

... and in Canada ...

no way prices are like that. : S