GTX 1060 not running as fast as it should be

I just built my new PC with a 2600X and a 1060 6GB, but I am not getting the frames or performance in games that I seriously should be. For example, according to most benchmarks, a 1060 should be able to run Hitman 2016 at ultra perfectly fine, on average getting over 60 fps. But I’m getting quite a bit below that, averaging 45-50 with constant stuttering and frame drops in the benchmark on ultra, making it nowhere near smooth. I haven’t played many games, but Subnautica also suffers the same fate. I know it isn’t too well optimized, but I can’t keep a stable 60 to save my life, with constant frame drops all over the place. Hell, I can’t even play GTA IV and get a stable 60 fps (and that’s with several settings on medium). I’m pretty sure that a 2600X shouldn’t be bottlenecking a 1060 in any capacity unless I am ill informed.

As for all the troubleshooting I’ve done, I’ve changed the power management settings for both the card and my computer, updated drivers, used DDU to do a completely fresh driver install, updated Windows 10, ran MemTest64 and got no errors, and even physically checked if the card was fully inserted into the PCIe slot (as well as the RAM). I’m at a complete loss to the issue and if I should RMA the card or not. A possible hint is that during the Hitman benchmark, GPU usage was shockingly low. But that’s about the only oddity I can find. I’ve just had plenty of issues with this new PC along with this one and want to get this thing working to its full potential.

Since this was suggested, I’ve also had issues with random freezes (only for about 20 minutes after startup, then it’s fine). My full specs are 16GB 3200 MHz RAM, Ryzen 2600X, EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SSC, Corsair RM550x PSU, Asus TUF B450m Motherboard, and a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB.

dl and run gpuz while you run the game. it will tell you what the limiting factor is. also background task? windows/linux? ram speed? what board are you using that is having errors? what are the errors?

I mentioned that I’m currently running Windows 10 (Enterprise more specifically). 16GB of 3200MHz RAM and I’m using an EVGA 1060 6GB SSC. Could you specify what you mean by limiting factors and what my errors are?

gpuz will tell you why the gpu isnt running faster. either power or demand or heat ect. and you said your motherboard was spitting out errors? unless errors across the board is a figure of speech. if it is whats all the erorrs?

Yeah, I meant that as a figure of speech that I’ve had nothing but issues with my computer unrelated to this. I’ll edit my original post to make it clear. As for GPUZ showing any errors, I see nothing out of the ordinary while running the Hitman benchmark on Ultra. Strangely, it seems HWMoinitor was showing the wrong GPU load, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that would make the 1060 be running far slower than it should.

Are you running the 400 series of Nvidia drivers?

Yes, I’m currently running 416.34

well pref cap vrel = you are hitting the power limit, but the tdp is at 80%. i would go into afterburner or precision x the evga version and raise the power limit and set the heat target to around 80 C. you are running cool, quiet, and low power. guessing one of those settings you were playing with arent doing what you want. gpu boost will preform better with more power available.

also you are maxing out the vram maybe the game got a high resolution texture pack since the test? its been a while right? try other games with gpuz

Here’s my results running Subnautica.

The memory doesn’t max out, instead hovering around 4400 MB, but the TDP still doesn’t reach 100%, alternating between 60 and 80 percent. Precision XOC already has my power target set at 100% with the temp target at 83 C.

I don’t think it’s a memory issue though, since apparently the 3GB version gets a bit more frames than my 6GB version currently is.

i dont think its a memory issue either. up the power target to 110% or 120%. on nvidia cards its locked to safe voltage anyways.

Increasing the power target did nothing and I’m still getting the VRel perfcap reason.

how much did you bump it? maybe bump it a bit more? if the gpu continues to get more voltage then underpreform something else is the limiting factor here

Your GPU is fine, nothing wrong with it, something else is bogging down your system. Make sure you do not have random crap running in the background.

Thats really weird. What were your other issues with the PC?

Could you be having PSU issues?

Mainly things like freezes and just Windows 10 being a pain to work with. I hadn’t considered it being an issue with PSU though (mainly because I bought a pretty decent Corsair one). Would there be anyway to check before I try to RMA it?

The voltage is at the max it can go in Precision. What specifically should I underpreform?

Whats the model? I’m assuming the system is otherwise stable right now. I dont know if you can test it any way easily other than swapping it. There might be a voltage sag under load because of a faulty rail or something stupid. You would need a multimeter to see that. Could be lots of ripple making things unstable and that would be undetectable with anything other than an oscilloscope. Another known good PSU is really the easiest way.

You should update the op with all parts and all previous issues, they could somehow be related.

I’m using a Corsair RM 550x and I updated the op with my full specs. I sadly don’t currently have another PSU I can use on hand, but I do have a multimeter. It could potentially also be the fact that a lot of the braided cables got contorted just because of the case I had to work in and me just being terrible at cable management.

Its kind of a long shot that the voltage would be sagging under load but you could test it. Check each of the 12v lines to make sure you’re not missing a rail. Test with heaven running or something.

You sure you’re running at 3200mhz on the ram?

I thought the latest Nvidia drivers in the 400 series made issues with 10 series cards