GTX 1060 for GPU pass through question

so I am getting a new Graphics card for my system the GTX 1060, and I wanted to set it up for GPU pass through. however I have heard that GTX cards don't work in VMs. is this still a problem and if so is there a fix?

Sorry I couldn't get to this earlier, I've been shirking my responsibilities.

As far as using a 1060 for passthrough, it will work just fine. There are some tricks you need to do to make the Nvidia drivers unable to detect that it's in a VM, but you'll definitely be able to do it.

Have a look at my passthrough guide series, here:

While it's all useful, the part that will answer your question would be part 4. There is a section that will explain exactly how to hide the hypervisor extensions from the VM.

there are a few gotchas with nvidia cards, but nothing too bad.

awesome, thanks. and no worry on the delay my car decided that the drivers side window shouldn't work, so my new GPU money this paycheck needed to be spent elsewhere. so next month will be new GPU month. but thanks for letting me know.


Glad I could help. Sorry to hear about your car. :/