Gtx 1060 drivers for Mac (Hackintosh)

Nothing like that currently. Though there may be in the future, not currently. You'll have better luck with a 770 or a 680. All of the quadro cards also work though I have no clue if you can flash it as a Quadro or if there is a way to make it identify as one in-OS. There is, however, an odd feature OSX has available. If you have one card, say a 270X/370/7850, as your display card which can use the AMDGPU drivers, you can use that for the time being, leave your other card in the system as a compute card, and when the kext's do in fact happen you can either leave both cards in or move over.

Currently to my knowledge there isn't one. I'm also an ATi/AMD user so I'm not the golden person here. Ask on tonymac or on the hackintosh IRC if everyone isn't dead.

Also @Cavemanthe0ne my account was broken so I almost didn't see this :P

Edit: You will need to look at hackintosh sites btw and its more than likely that the 1080 and Quadro's will have support sooner than the 1060. Until theres news about the new Mac Pro this month we won't know what apple's plan is.

Why do you need a hackintosh anyways? You can get a mac pro 1,1 and have it run El Cap easily. Its my main machine right now.

Thats how I did it. If you need a mac, buy one of those for 80 bucks, throw some sata drives in, throw in a GPU, do like 3 things, bam you have a mac. Keep the GPU that comes with it though.

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