whats the point of preordering when you can just buy it on steam the day it comes out?


So that he has a physical copy.

What's the point in having a useless piece of plastic?

Like, there are people who still put optical drives in their PCs?

I only think thats a good thing if the physical copy can be linked to steam. 

I bought the mass effect collection ONLY because I could link it to Origin. Physical AND digital copy is the best.

My PC has an optical drive, bro.

Optical media isnt dead. Its actually being studied further. I still use optical media. You wont be around the internet 24/7 for your entire life. Plus its nice to have a physical copy.

What does this receipt prove? It's just a printed piece of paper. 

I didnt read where he was trying to prove anything, actually.

That GTA V is coming to PC??

I dont know how accurate that is, but its better than nothing.