GTA IV memory

First time posting, but I've been recently playing GTA IV since I got the bundle on Steam for really cheap.

I don't have a very good computer but it does the job, and haven't run in to a game I can't play (although I haven't tried Metro LL).

I have a GTX460 which only has 768mb of memory, and it is not overclocked.  In the GTAIV graphics settings, under resource usage it used to show max 768mb.  So my settings were on medium, with a value of 345/768mb free.

Last night after coming home from work, I started to play and realized I'm not lagging at all.  So I checked my graphics settings.

Under resource usage it now says 345/1980mb.  ???

So I cranked the settings up to ultra-high.  1024/1980mb free.  Ok then.  I had to turn off Shadows as it was pretty laggy with them on.

It's as if someone swapped in a new graphics card while I was at work, or Rockstar patched the game to use system memory as well as GPU memory.  I don't see any updates in Steam.

I am using an older driver version for my GPU (316), and under Dxdiag it says Approx. Total Memory 2130MB under Display 1.

Any idea?


Install GPUZ, it will tell you how much video memory you have. As for GTA it a poor console port, when i went an looked at my memory it shows only half the total amount.


Thanks for the reply.  Yea CPU-Z shows 767MBytes. 

Anyhoo I don't really mind, GTA looks better than ever and performs quite well :P